Why Make A Custom Framed Mirror

Mirror & Angel 001Framed mirrors are not unique. Every box store that sells home décor sells framed mirrors. These frame mirrors are quite nice in look and great value. The box stores will order hundreds of the same framed mirrors with the same picture frame moulding for their multiple stores. These picture frame mirrors are all manufactured in China, Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand. Many are metallic finish over a plastic substrate. Tap them and you can tell by the sound. plastic has a dull hollow thud to it. Non the less they look good when up on the wall. They are fine for over the sofa or on a wall in an entry hall.

Frequently, one can not find a framed mirror that has just the right look for a given home decor or the size is wrong. The photograph of the framed mirror shown was crafter for a client to hang in their get away home in Pacific Grove. This framed mirror will hang over the vanity in their powder room. We built the mirror frame to the exact size (outside dimension or foot print size) that the client required to fit their space. The goal was to have as much square footage of mirror as possible but still fit within the plumbing, electrical and light fixture restrictions.

We created a three piece picture frame for them. We started with an outer moulding full of a bubbly textured finish in silver. This picture frame was cut to the outside dimensions required. We then added another picture frame inside of the bubbly frame. This middle frame is an Italian manufactured herringbone design stained in a teal blue color. the inner picture frame is a thin silver fillet which was an accessory added for a great finished look. What a picture frame it was. I’m sure there is only one picture frame of that combination on earth.

Who says the picture frame needs a picture in it? We had a plate glass mirror cut to the required size for the picture frame we constructed and had the mirror wholesaler bevel the edges of the mirror to fit our finished picture frame. We can provide beveled edges on the mirror from 3/4″ up to 2″ in width. We also sell antiqued mirror for your picture frames. The antiqued mirror comes in three different versions of antiquing. Light, medium and heavy antiquing.

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