Unique Items That Can Be Custom Picture Framed

It is truly amazing the varied amount of items I have custom picture framed over the years. Each picture frame makes a unique one of a kind item of framed art, no two being the same. Granted, the majority of items to be picture framed are the usual oil paintings, water colors,, print reproductions, posters and photographs. It is always a lot of fun for the customer as well as myself to design with all the picture frame samples and matting samples to come up with the perfect picture frame for their framing project. Usually we end up going back to the first picture frame sample which I suggested. “It can’t be that easy”, or so the client thinks and they need to see more picture frame samples. after ten minutes they agree that the first picture frame sample I showed them was the best. However, a few clients have a well trained eye and will change to an equally acceptable picture frame choice.

All being said, what is a unique picture framing example? The picture framing you see photographed here is a prime example. My clients had returned from a vacation in Canada. In one location they were surrounded by pieces of shale which were calving from a cliff. Each piece of shale was its own geological piece of art. Beauty is where you find it. They chose these 4 pieces of shale to bring to my picture frame store and have a shadow box picture frame constructed. We chose a picture frame moulding which was a complimentary match in finish, color and texture to the shale pieces. the background which we chose was a rough textured linen in a complimentary but contrasting color to the shale and picture frame. Now who else do you know who has picture framed shale pieces  hanging in there home. Probably no one. That is the beauty of putting a picture frame around a unique item.

We just put a picture frame around a life ring from a boat. We have framed antique doctor surgical instruments etc.  You name it and we frame it!!!


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