The Value of Preservation Custom Picture Framing

We love our piece of art so much we want a nice picture frame made for it so it can be displayed on the wall to enjoy. Options, options, options. We never want to spend money on custom picture framing so off we go to the box store to find a cheap picture frame that is “close” to the size of the art. We buy the cheap frame, take it home and fit the art work into it on the kitchen table. In addition to a limited selection of picture frames and compromised sizes we hang our cheap little frame on the wall and that is what it looks like. “A cheap little piece of framed art.

The photograph you see attached to this blog is a Karl Appel limited edition print which was picture framed on the cheap. All edges of the art were touching the picture frame moulding since there was no matting applied which keeps the art away from the wood of the picture frame. The wood of the picture frame is acidic and transfers its acidity to the cotton fibre paper which is not acidic. This acidity will stain the art and add acid content to its own fibre. This leads to the destruction of the art paper and the loss of the art over time. The value of the print is greatly diminished when the original art is altered. An acid free matting needs to be applied to art on paper with at least one inch projecting beyond the edge of the art itself. Picture frame back boards need to be acid free as well. The print photo attached to this blog shows what wood contact to the edge of the will do. The print had an acidic backboard which burned the formally white paper to a brown color.

Another issue is the glazing options for a picture frame. Regular glass used in a picture frame provides very little ultra violet light filtering. Why go to the expense of a picture frame to have the picture fade in color and greatly devalue the art whether financial or asthetically. Ther now is a picture framing glass which supplies 99% ultra violet block and a picture framing acrylic which has the same 99% ultra violet block.




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