Reframing An Already Framed Art Piece

To most people a picture frame is a means of hanging a picture on the wall. The picture frame to most people is not a design element but a support mechanism. Granted that custom picture framing is an expensive item to most people but anything hand crafted in the USA is such as custom made furniture or custom made cabinets or custom made clothing. They all require much time and labor and are not production lined manufacturing. People tend to justify the minimal or frameless look for their art to not spend on picture framing. Custom picture framing is a very small market. I have read that only 5% of the US population will have one thing custom framed in their lifetime. In the US, more money is spent each year on chewing tobacco than custom picture framing. A well designed custom picture frame will enhance any piece of art a hundred times over. Take a look at our current project on the attached photo.

My Oakland, CA client had purchased this lovely figurative acrylic on paper right after graduating from college. She had had it picture framed in a narrow blond colored wood about 1″ wide with no matting. Fast forward about 30 years  was really well executed. and she decided that she still loved the painting and wanted a beautifully designed custom picture frame. We didn’t let her down! She came to the right picture framing store. We first removed the blond picture frame and revisited the art unframed. The painting was really well executed. I strongly feel that thepicture framing should be a beautifully well designed extension of the piece of art and not a separate element. Most picture framers can not design this way.

We wanted to give the art a bigger foot print with a much wider picture frame but all in scale to the art. We opted for a wide matting hand wrapped in linen that had a compatible color tone to the general background tones of the art. We differentiated the two elements with a wood fillet leafed in a warm silver tone. We then choose a picture frame moulding that had compatible tones of soft gold and greenish washed highlights. The picture frame moulding has a ribbed design.

Our client was totally blown away by the finished product.

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