How Does One Design a Picture Frame

The biggest negative in picture framing design is over designing. Few framers really know hoe to properly design a picture frame. When the picture framing design is grander or louder than the art being framed the designer lost it. In the case of matting selection, most¬†picture frame designers match colors in the art to mat board colors. If the artist had a few touches of a color in their art for impact, why pull the viewer’s eye away from that impact by putting a matting around the art in the same color?¬†This competes with the artist’s intent.

Matting selection should be a neutral extension of a piece of art’s general background color or tone. Let the art continue to work on its own as the artist intended. The same can be said for the picture frame moulding selection. Look at the textures and colors involved. Match these same textures and colors in the picture frame moulding selection.

Bottom line is that a picture frame designer is only as good as his own experiences. One should only get better at picture framing design with experience. if you are not good at the beginning of this career you are either out of business or replaced. This lends credence to going to a shop with years of experience at picture framing run by the same person for the full time. 42 years in business doesn’t mean one owned the store for 42 years. In my case, that is the case. Box stores have an ever changing array of employees learning how to design on your art.

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