Floater Frames For Gallery Wrapped Art

Art Loft Picture Framing in Oakland, California is launching a whole new line of floater picture frames for the popular gallery wrapped canvases. Oil paintings on canvas as well as photos printed on canvas are being gallery wrapped where the image on the face is continuous and wraps around the side of the wood stretcher bars. The stapling is done to the back side of the bars so the staples do not show. The intent is to hang the art on the wall with no frame. This has become a popular and economical way to display art.

Though financially feasible, the look has become so common that people are now wanting some frame around the art/photos but still want to see the art on the sides of the stretcher bars. We have introduced an expanded line of frame moldings which will frame your art but continue to allow the sides to be exposed. Stop by our frame store and view our new expanded collection.

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