Fabric Mattings In Picture Framing

A matting around a piece of art showcases the art as well as giving the whole custom picture framing project a custom design and look. Another aspect of matting in a custom picture frame is to give the outer frame a much larger foot print on the wall. How often have you looked through someone’s living room window and gazed upon a collage grouping of tiny individually framed pictures. One has no focus on any one picture just the assembly. Custom framed art needs to be larger. The matting in a picture frame does just that.

Mattings are typically of either paper or cotton fiber. The cotton fiber is much more durable in a picture frame and long lasting as well as being acid free to protect your art. Contemporary design usually calls for a white matting in a picture frame. To add elegance and texture to your custom framing, choose a linen or silk matting. There are numerous linen and silk mattings made in 32″ x 40″ sheet sizes which are manufactured by the matboard companies. We offer none of these. We cut the frame matting out of acid free board and hand glue the fabric to the matting with acid free adhesive. After the glue is dried, we cut out the center of the matting and hand wrap the fabric around the beveled edge of the matting. When the pre manufactured mat boards are used, you get a paper bevel showing.

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