Chinese Brush Painting

This is without doubt one of the larger picture frames we have ever made. Our client had returned from a recent trip to China where they acquired this beautiful brush painting of bamboo from a highly regarded Chinese brush painter. The approximate value of the painting is $5,000. Our size limitation was the matting. The framing mat board comes in white rag board with a size of 60″ x 104″. We incorporated the entire 104″ as length and cut the hight to 54″. This allowed a 3″ matting with a 48″ x 98″ window opening. The white rag matboard was then wrapped with a black linen fabric. The picture frame moulding chosen was a matte black picture frame about 2″ wide and 4″ deep to the wall. The glazing was ultra violet filtering acrylic, 3/16″ thick.

The really interesting thing was when the client brought the brush painting in she asked if we did large frames. We said yes. She then revealed that she had been to 3 other shops before art Loft Framing and all three said the art was too large for them to frame. Guess they always go home on time at closing time. I like so called competition like that. The picture frame we created was both professionally and economically rewarding.

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